For many years I have tried to photograph this laneway but with little success mainly because of limited space and poor lighting. On Monday I purchased a Voigtlander 15mm which is an ultra-wide-angle lens so I decided to give it a try within the alleyway and here is one of the images. The lens is fully manual so it it is not easy to use without introducing high levels of distortion. White balance was another major problem. Walking down Essex Street East it’s easy to miss the entrance to this hidden laneway, but for those in the know it is a handy shortcut between Temple Bar and Dame Street. If you look down the dark laneway beside the Dublin Theatre Festival Office and you will see original artwork by Dublin street artist Maser ‘I’d Rather Trust a Dealer on a Badly Lit Street Corner, than a Criminal in a Three Piece Suit’. If you are brave enough to walk down the lane you will see various items of street art and you will be surprised when this narrow lane opens out onto a small square, framed by the Olympia Theatre. Continue along the laneway by the side of the Olympia Theatre and pass under the sign for Brogan’s Bar, before Crampton Court opens out onto Dame Street. Anna Doran, a Dublin Street Artist, tried to re-invent one end of the lane as ‘Love Lane’. I have been a fan of Anna for a number of years ... ever since I saw her painted traffic control cabinet on Bolton Street. You can also some of her work on the walls of the "Hungry Mexican" restaurant in Bodkin's on Bolton Street. Be aware that this laneway attracts some anti-social behaviour particularly in the lane on the Temple Bar side. Love the Lanes is a joint initiative between Dublin City Council and the Temple Bar Company to pilot solutions and interventions to address issues in the laneways of Temple Bar. Over the years these lanes have fallen into disuse and have become magnets for anti-social behaviour. The stated goal is to reactivate these lanes for people to use and enjoy through creative intervention. The project was launched on 21st March 2014 with an open call for new ideas. The response from the public was remarkable and shows that there is a real desire by the public to bring life back into the laneways in this historic part of the city. The main focus for the project was Adair and Bedford Lanes, Copper Alley and Crampton Court. 10 proposals were shortlisted and are being developed for implementation on the Laneways of Temple Bar with the support of residents and businesses. A number of ideas were trialled in 2015 while others require financial investment and a longer timeline.
Photography is my hobby and as my resources are limited it is difficult for me to build a site which includes the complete catalogue of my work which consists of more than 120,000 photographs. Recently a number of visitors have mentioned that they are finding it difficult to find specific photographs so I have added a Google Custom Search facility which will allow any interested party to carry out a keyword search of my catalogue. Example: If you want to find photographs of Public Art By John Kindness all you need to do is enter Public + Art + Kindness into the search-box below. When I tested the search engine I was amazed to discover that any word that I entered resulted in at least one relevant photograph - give it a try and see what you find.
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